Hucknall Street Pastors was launched on the 4th of November 2011. The nation-wide Street Pastor initiative was pioneered in 2003, and is run by the Ascension Trust. All Street Pastor schemes are a partnership between the local Churches, Council and Police.

Street Pastors are volunteers from local Churches who are out to engage with people on the streets - to care, to help, and to listen. We are a visible presence on the streets helping to improve the safety of those who are out, and of the area in general. We aim to see a reduction in street crime and an increase in the effective use of the emergency services.

Street Pastors can provide basic first aid, help people get home, talk to people to try and calm them down and diffuse situations, listen to people and provide support / advice on where they can find help.

Teams go out every Friday night, whatever the weather! Since the launch in November '11 we have started building relationships with those who are out and with the local bars. We also engage with several groups of youth around the town. We have been well received and are excited about the future of the project!

Click here to watch our promo video.

See the national Street Pastors website for more info.

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